Throw out all the rules – They are Wrong!
Set your own rules – And live by them
Have Fun! Why work?
Manage your time-It’s money
Think big! Do not work hard!
Be a philosopher!
Money-making machines
Life is simple. Keep it that way
Find your passion and fire it up
Keep healthy and save money
Common Sense Financial Management
Create your own happiness

Welcome to the place for the jobless-to-be!

Work does not make any sense to anybody, yet we all continue to look for jobs that we do not like, knowing that we can never be happy that way. Most people follow the crowd day in day out and do not take the time to look for alternatives to having to leave their houses, fight the heavy traffic and get to a JOB they do not like. When they reach their desk, the assembly line or the working floor, they start counting the hours that separate them from the time they get off. They repeat that process for days and days. The reasons they give: bills, the the idea to be like everybody else. Society told them that they have to go to school, get a job and work till they reach retirement. After that, they are free to enjoy their lives
What this page intends to teach is a way of living without having to hold a job, a life dictated by passion, a passion that allows its holder to live life by his or her rules.

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Jobless? How is that possible? That question can be answered very easily by first knowing how to create residual income generating sources instead of looking at linear opportunities
You will learn here how to use the "least resistance" technique to realize your full potential and be truly happy in the process of doing that.
Many people think that if majority believes in something then that must be the truth. If you want to be successful without wasting too much energy and time, take some energy and time scratching that wrong idea from our head because nothing is further from the truth. Concerning how wrong majority can be, Mark Twain has this to say:"Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect"

On your journey to free yourself from the prison of daily labor, you will be not be alone. On the contrary, you will be in very good company. The easiest way to be left behind in the human race towards whatever that we are after in life is to follow the rules set by people who cannot tell you what they want out of their own lives but can tell you how to look for a job that you do not like.

I will be your guide during this journey and once again, welcome aboad!